The Longest Descent
Zac/19/Charlotte or High Point, NC.

Longboarding/Beautiful Cars/EDM DJ/Kandi Batman/Vape Noob.

My friends are what keep me going, and I'm thankful to anyone who takes the time to see if someone else is alright. I'm always available to talk, either here, snapchat or kik (sunburstinferno). Human life is important and if you just want to talk or vent, I'm here for you.
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  • "Finding someone worth waking up to is better than finding someone to sleep with."
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    everything personal


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  • rosaparking:

    Im a rly jealous person and territorial when it comes to ppl i like it sucks but idc back off all my men

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  • "If you were in a different body, would you have the same personality?"
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  • bhehtemot:

    My boyfriend is so into tumblr he won’t even see this post because he’s so far into his dashboard

    god damn Josh

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  • People actually asked me stuff. Weird

  • Anonymous asked : 97,100

    97. Had a dream the other night where I had sex with my friend from Florida, woke up with my boner hurting so bad I couldn’t walk straight

    100. Not often. sometimes I see people and just wonder what’s underneath.

  • Anonymous asked : 58,60,73,83

    58. close to 2 minutes. I heard my mom come into our house and start coming up the stairs, so I pushed myself as much as I could to get off. 

    60. Longest masturbation is probably an hour and a half. Longest sex is 4 hours with a 20 minute break

    73. Sex is nill. closest odd place to having sex was an empty classroom in high school. Masturbating was definitely on an airplane.

    83. Middle of my first job interview. My ex sent me a very nice picture of herself right before I went in and it just sat in the back of my mind the entire time

  • Anonymous asked : 1,8,9,13,14

    1. Sex. Feels more rewarding than masturbation

    8. They can be underrated at times. Rarely do great ones come along

    9. Eh, at times yes. They’re not my spot, so it depends on how they’re touched.

    13. I do. It means I’m doing my job right ;)

    14. I have plenty. my favorites are probably domination and simple bondage